How to Find Great Late Holiday Deals

Through the year, the majority of us do exactly the same thing…start saving for our annual summer holidays. This year would appear different, the savings account has been dipped into and the credit cards are maxed out! With the credit crunch affecting most of us, finding enough spare cash to book a holiday with can prove very hard, if not virtually impossible.

I like to have my holidays booked well in advance of travelling, it gives me time to start saving, book my holidays in at work and leaves plenty of time to look forward to it. At the moment I’m panicking because I have no holidays booked, nothing to look forward to and a bank balance which is not looking promising.People tend to think that because we are in a recession, tour operators will be dropping the prices of all holidays, this is not the case. Tour operators pay for the hotels in Euros, therefore lose out on the terrible exchange rate as much as we do. Hotels are not dropping their prices therefore the tour operators cannot drop theirs. Flights still charge the same compulsory taxes, use the same amount of fuel and have not become cheaper to fly overnight. The pilot and crew still need paying as do the airport and ground staff….unfortunately holiday reps don’t work for free either!

When looking ahead to book a holiday for 2010, the prices look very expensive. I have searched a number of operators but can’t find anything close to my budget. I think that tour operators are keeping holiday prices high in the hope that things will turn around and people will start booking. I personally can’t see the end to the current recession in the fore seeable future, therefore will not be able to consider booking my next summer holiday anytime soon.

When looking at late deals for this year, the prices are fantastic! There are so many great late deals available, whether that’s because the tour operators have so much stock left and are trying to get rid of it, or whether that’s just the norm for this time of year…I’m not quite sure but I’m very impressed with some of the prices. Comparing these great late deals to the same time next year, it got me thinking! My plan is to choose the destination I want to go to, check which dates the flights are leaving, get my holidays booked in at work (leaving a few days flexibility either side) then wait up until 2-4 weeks before I plan to travel, and start checking the prices.