Visit L’ Espace Killy for Your Next Ski Holiday

If you’re looking for some of the best slopes and runs for your ski holiday, here’s what serious skiers do: take Geneva airport ski transfers to Espace Killy. Located in the valley with the greatest concentration of the finest, top-class ski areas in the world, its reputation for challenging and extensive winter sports makes it a favourite among those who take their skiing seriously. But it also has much to offer those of lower levels of skill, abilities and experience.

Here are a few of the things you might want to know about this excellent destination.

How Fast Can I Get To Espace Killy?

If you’re coming from Geneva airport, ski transfers to either Val d’Isere or Tignes can run up to three and a half hours, depending on the weather and road traffic conditions – but believe us, it’s worth the effort. After all, it’s not named “one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world” for nothing. Perfectly groomed pistes amidst majestic views of snowy landscapes make it a winter sports paradise. It’s no wonder many people take the time to get here.

What’s In L’ Espace Killy?

What awaits you at the end of your Geneva airport ski transfers then? Well, for starters, over 300km of downhill skiing, featuring 150 individual pistes served by 90 ski lifts with 22 green runs, 61 blues, 46 reds and 25 blacks, plus two terrain parks and two glaciers. Those are just a few of the statistics that one can cite as reasons why many skiers favour this area above all else. Plus, there are also two resorts as different as night and day – the choice is yours.

Two Resorts, One Paradise

L’ Espace Killy, named after skier Jean Claude Killy, is a great area for those looking for a skiing or snowboarding getaway, as well as for those looking for other activities to while their time away. You can choose either Val d’Isere or Tignes, depending on your tastes, and for many it may be a hard choice: while they’re very different, they’re both wonderful.

Val d’Isere. When you arrive to this charmingly Savoyard commune, you’ll be greeted by a rustic Alpine village at the edge of the Vanoise National Park. It offers majestic views and splendid natural vistas. Wildly traditional in its architecture and approach, with environment friendly traffic-free zones, and lots of extended pedestrian areas and footpaths, you nevertheless won’t need to sacrifice modern conveniences for the sake of tradition. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to provide an exciting nightlife, as well as shops and recreational areas.

Tignes. When you arrive on the Geneva airport ski transfers to Tignes, you assuredly won’t be mistaking it for Val d’Isere. It’s far as possible away architecturally from Val d’Isere’s traditional look, with its lunar-landscaped, modern villages. Like Val d’ Isere, however, you’ll certainly find plenty of opportunities for good winter sports as well as apr├Ęs-ski activities. It is especially popular with families and first-time skiers as its lower slopes are perfect easier for beginners and intermediates.