Building and Pest Inspection

Pests such as termites, ants and rodents can invade a house and set up housekeeping and take over the premises. Pests can bring health risks, damage to the house and bites and stings to the occupants. Termites have the ability to eat a wooden structure from the inside out before anyone knows what is happening.

When choosing a specialist to perform a building and pest inspection, make sure they are licensed and certified. If they are going to perform any pest control work, make sure they are licensed to implement the corrective methods and materials. Hiring a building and pest inspector is an all in one specialist that will take care of both sides of the coin in one shot.

The cost of a building and pest inspector varies from inspector to inspector. The inspector must be fully licensed by the B.S.A., and be insured according to B.S.A. standards.

The building inspection will include identifying the materials of the structure and the type of construction. This will depend on the accessibility to the necessary areas. The inspector will check for any minor and major problems with the roof framing, walls, floors and foundations.

The inspector will perform a visual inspection of the exterior of the house including gutters and eaves, down pipes, steps and paint. The building inspection will include buildings within 50 metres from the main house.

The interior inspection will include ceilings and wall linings, painted surfaces, cupboards, kitchens and bathrooms doors and windows.

The building and pest inspector will also inspect the site around the property. Fence lines are prone to termites, as well as buildings such as sheds and ferneries. Trees and tree stumps are inspected for the presence of pests. If gardens contain wood chips, the chips and under the chips are inspected for the presence of pests, especially termites.

Some building and pest inspectors will conduct thermal imaging surveillance. The technology allows the inspector to view images not able to be seen. The technology works with infrared radiation and the image is captured with an infrared camera.

The pest and building inspector will provide a detailed report in a very timely manner with recommendations to eliminate pests and a list of damage that is need of repair.