Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

Building and pest inspections will keep your property free of those pesky pests and your family safe from bites and stings. Pest and building inspections are also wise to have performed when you are considering property for purchase. Almost all pests cause damage to some degree and if the pests are not brought under control and eliminated, the damage will be more costly.

If you are selling your property, you may want to consider a pest and building inspection to prove to prospective buyers the house is free from pests and the related damage or the presence of pests is minimal. Make the report available to prospective buyers along with receipts and documentation to prove previous inspections and extermination events, as well as repair from pest damage.

Building and pest inspections should be carried out by a properly licensed contractor. The inspectors will identify the pest problem and determine if it is an old problem and the pests have moved on or if it is an active problem. The inspectors will also identify the damage and asses the cost to repair it.

Building and pest inspectors will prepare a written report for the customer that identifies the inspection methods and the findings. The report will be detailed with enough information for the homeowner to hire a contractor to repair the damages.

Inspectors will provide customers will helpful tips to keep home and property free from pests and in good repair. Homeowners should incorporate those tips into their regular home maintenance schedule if they haven’t already done so.

It is a good idea to get several estimates before choosing a building and pest inspectors Brisbane. This will assure you of getting a competitive bid and the best service available. When comparing the costs, make sure the cost estimate is based on the same criteria.

Before signing a contract, check to make sure every element of the job is listed in the contract and the contract price is noted as firm or not to exceed. If there is a contingency cost included, make sure you have the ability to okay the contingencies before they are executed.