Effective Flea Control for Your Pets

As we’ve seen, effective flea control requires that you treat your home as well as your pet. Flea eggs and larva aren’t present on your pet, but in the carpet in your home, in bedding, and outside where your pet frequents. There’s no point in killing the fleas on your pet if they’re just going to be reinfested from eggs and larva in your home.

Treat your pet

There are many products these days that provide effective flea control for your pets. The easiest, and most effective, are the long-term oral and topical treatments, such as Program, Frontline, and Advantage. They’re easy to apply, and generally provide long-lasting protection from fleas, often for up to a month per application.

Flea control with one monthly application

These products are the most popular and effective way to treat to treat your pet for fleas. They’re simple to apply, don’t require messy sprays or powders, and work for up to one month. Regular applications of these flea control products will prevent re-infestation, once you’ve rid your pet and home of fleas.

These topical treatments are far more effective than traditional sprays and powders. They’re also less toxic, and more localized to the pet being treated, as opposed to sprays which result in a toxic cloud being released into the air, in addition to on your pet.

Natural flea control?

For many people, applying any kind of chemicals to a pet’s skin is unacceptable. Fortunately, there are many natural flea control remedies available, which don’t use chemicals, but instead rely on essential oils and herbs to repel fleas. Garlic, brewers yeast, and eucalyptus oil are just a few of the natural flea remedies you can use. See our natural flea control page for more details.

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