Frontline Topical Flea Control Medication

Frontline Flea/Tick Control

Frontline is a long-lasting flea control medication that will kill fleas on dogs for up to three months, and a month on cats. Like Advantage, Frontline is sold in small, plastic vials, and applied to your pets back.

Frontline is probably the most popular of the topical flea treatments currently available. Generally, regular applications of Frontline during the flea season will eliminate fleas on your pet. Along with effective home flea control, Frontline is an effective way to keep your home free from fleas.

Frontline is safe to use on puppies over ten weeks, and kittens twelve weeks or older. It is also safe to use on nursing mothers. Additionally, Frontline is very effective on ticks, killing two birds with one stone.

Frontline flea control is applied to your pet’s back between the shoulders. The active ingredient, fipronil, dissolves into the natural oils of your pet’s coat and skin. It then distributes itself over the entire body, and provides long lasting, and waterproof protection from fleas and ticks. Frontline provides flea control for an entire month.

Regular application of Frontline will break the fleas life cycle. However, it is still important to use effective flea control methods in your home in order completely eliminate the infestation.

Advantage Topical Flea Control Medication

Advantage Flea Control

Advantage will kill fleas on contact, before they can lay eggs in your home. Advantage is sold in small, plastic vials that contain one month’s dosage. Advantage is applied to the skin on your pet’s back, and it diffuses over the rest of the skin, providing long-lasting protection.

Advantage is very effective, and 98-100% of fleas are killed within 24 hours. However, since the medicine is not absorbed into your pet’s system, Advantage is considered safer than many other topical flea control products.

Advantage also breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before they can lay eggs. Advantage will also kill flea larva within twenty minutes of contact, so you will not have to use another product with a growth regulator on your pet. However, it is still important to treat your home and surroundings for flea eggs and larva.