Moving into new home (17 yrs old home) – pest control and flooring?

Question by dreamer: Moving into new home (17 yrs old home) – pest control and flooring?

Hi, We will be moving into our new home at Ingleburn in Sydney in a couple of weeks. I wanted to ask if anyone knows any good pest control agency who can do a pest control preventative treatment at a low cost and someone who does a good job. Also is it really essential to get pest control done and what about preventative treatment for termites… our termite inspection did not show any termites present but should we get a prevention system installed to protect the home from a possible future termite infestation… I am very new to all this and have no clue … Also I have a 4 month old baby & the house has carpet. Should we get the place tiled as someone told me that the baby can get asthma and then another friend also advised that we wait till the baby walks before we think about tiles as the baby can have nasty falls on the tiles … so what should i do ? is carpet better or tiles or is wooden flooring a better option…. Can someone please recommend a good pest control agency and how much it will cost … we have a 3 bedroom house… and also kindly can someone advise regarding the flooring .. what’s the best option??? The present carpet is in good condition.

Thanks Heaps.

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Hi there, to answer you first question: sorry I do not live in Sydney so I can’t recommend a pest controller. However in my opinion it would depend on whether house is on a slab or piers. If slab and you have a timber frame definitely put in a charged line for termites around the perimetre in future. Not to expensive. If it’s on piers make sure you have good ant caps that are in good condition and edges folded correctly. With floors from experience you would be better off to keep carpet if it’s in good condition. Tiles no good if house is on piers due to movement. Floor boards are drafty and noisy. if you really like that look i would recommend a good laminate (great for kids) with a sound insulation underneath. It can be laid straight over any existing timber or particle board floor. It’s a good price and very easy for DIY installation. Hope this helps, good luck with your new home

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  1. If the carpet is in good shape and relatively new, I’d probably leave it for now til you decide what do do. Just be aware that carpet that someone else has lived on may have ‘crud’ in the pad or the carpet itself and can have a high level of bacteria activity. If the carpet looks and smells clean, it’s a softer surface for baby…but I’d still put a blanket or something down.
    Tile is very hard and can be very cold. It’s true that small children can slip and take falls on it – on the other hand, it’s very easy to keep clean. Tile is also the most expensive flooring option because the labor to install is so high.
    Wood is a nice, can be slippery but is not so hard to fall on as tile. It’s less expensive than tile, but more expensive than carpet.
    I’d talk to folks at flooring stores in your area to get an idea of what’s going to work best for you. I suggest taking your time on this and not making flooring decisions in a hurry as you will be living with the results for a long time.

  2. If your inspections showed no evidence of termites and other wood eating bugs, you can do the preventative measures yourself. Bayer makes a product, it comes with a sprayer. You apply the product both inside and outside of your home at ground level. The directions are on the container. Keep baby and pets away for a few hours, until it’s dry. As for the carpet. If it’s in good shape, have it steamed clean by a good reputable company. By your vacuuming the carpet at least once a week this will keep dust and dander down to a minimum.

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