Pest Inspection Sydney

Pest inspections Sydney can be tricky. Some of the tell tale signs that indicate the presence of pests are not always indicative of pests and sometimes pests have invaded, but there are not any tell tale signs. A professional pest inspector has the ability to find the pests no matter where they are hiding. The inspector will follow their trail and find where they reside.

It is essential the pest inspector be licensed and fully insured according to the law. Being licensed assures the customer they are skilled and have the necessary knowledge to identify pests and how to eliminate the problem.

Pest inspectors are available for emergencies, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. There are times an emergency call is necessary if an army of ants suddenly invade a home. It is not unusual for ants to come through an electric outlet or through cabinets in the kitchen. Sometimes an ant invasion begins with a few ants and a few more the next day, but there are occasions when thousands of ants will arrive all at the same time.

When that occurs, it means heavy duty extermination with pesticides or some other ant stopping chemical. It also usually means the occupants of the house must move out for a day or two. Sometimes eliminating pests are as easy setting a trap or two or removing the critter to a more pest friendly area.

The pest inspector has to have the ability to find the source of the pest problem and recommend steps to remove the source. Most pests can be tracked by the droppings they leave behind, or the noise they make while they are running rampant through your home or property.

Pests have the ability to bring health risks, especially rodents and vermin. Illness can be caused by the bacteria pests carry. Some pests such as ants and spiders will bite or sting occupants causing allergic reactions, swelling and rash. If you are stung or bitten by a pest, it is best to consult with your Doctor or go to the nearest emergency room for treatment.